London Healthy Eating Guide: The Good Life Eatery

Tucked away down Sloane Avenue, just off London’s legendary King’s Road is a special little place that I hold entirely responsible for the disappearance of half of my income this year. The Good Life Eatery has become something of an institution in its short life and is fast on its way to securing iconic status on London’s dynamic health scene.

The cosy space is frequented by fresh-from-Barre Core women outfitted in Sweaty Betty and a whole host of health conscious celebs including Hugh Grant, Millie Macintosh, Adele, and *swoon* Bodyism’s James Duigan. I’ve seen a lot of Cartier here. But none of the up-market glamour affects the relaxed yet lively ambiance of the place. There’s no wifi, because there are only twenty very cosily crammed together chairs and there’s usually a queue I wonder whether this is to stop people from hanging about all day drinking matcha teas and mylks. The Good Life is so on the cusp of cool that it’s not even weird to photograph your food here – in fact until recently the place’s entire marketing was done through Instagram and the vibrant dishes, bare brick walls, and reclaimed wooden tables lend themselves perfectly to being filtered and captioned. Instagram, incidentally, is how I discovered the café’s existence.

Power breakfast of quinoa porridge, cashew mylk and an almond milk coffee.

All juices at the Eatery are cold-pressed, all ingredients locally-sourced, and all meat organic and grass fed. If you’re not a Londoner, or even if you’re from outside Chelsea, you’re likely to suffer a momentary rise in blood pressure when you see the juice and smoothie prices. But, Sunwarrior rice protein is an optional add-on to your beverage, so, the cost is more than forgiven.  Food is more than reasonable though and portions are gigantic.


Perfectly portioned carrot cake with my favourite ratio of icing to sponge. 1:1 for the win.

The menu is huge and wildly varied. Each time I’ve been I’ve sat gorging on my choices whilst side-eyeing the meals of other visitors and trying to quash my food envy. There are ingredients to satisfy even the most erudite of healthy eaters with quinoa, sweet potato, acai, and kale abounding.

Homemade raw vegan nut butter on gluten free bread.

I think my addiction to the Good Life is rooted in the fact that I’m not considered a pain-in-the-butt eater here; ‘normal’ wheaty bread isn’t even a thing, much to my non-clean-eating dining partner’s consternation, and I celebrated the fact that every cake is both gluten and dairy free (they do use egg though, so they’re not vegan)by treating myself to the heftiest most proud-looking slice of red velvet cake that could rival any allergen-ridden equivalent. When the server was plating up my piece it broke a bit, which absolutely wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest, but they really kindly brought me over a second slice to take away. I ate it in the cinema while watching Gone Girl afterwards and got satisfyingly covered in crimson crumbs and ‘cream cheese’ icing all over my face. The brownie more than appeased my friend and she’s now won over to the idea that delicious healthy eating is not an oxymoron.

I GET TO EAT WAFFELS HERE. Paleo chestnut waffels. I think these had to be my favourite.
The charming chalked lunch menu boards. See those? See why it takes me 3 hours to decide what to eat every time I visit?

The Good Life goes a long way in championing the recent movement in health and body image which eschews the until recently widely believed notion that it’s necessary to go hungry to look good. Its assortment of beautiful, radiant, healthy and happy clientele are testament to this – The place just screams: ‘Look, they’re all indulging in whopping big colourful salads and waffles and smoothies THAT TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE – re-evaluate everything you’ve been taught about nutrition right away and join them!’. Once again, there is no denying that ‘you don’t need to eat less, you need to eat right‘, and The Good Life Eatery is helping spread the word.

Thank-you, red velvet cake, for breaking so I could get a second one of you.


And a key lime protein pudding for the train home.

I’m working my way through the breakfast menu right now and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

And just to put the dairy-free icing on the gluten-free cake that is The Good Life Eatery, one of the founders and the general manager, Frank, are ultra-runners. I need to move in.


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