I Kind of Really Like 5ks – The Gosport Summer Series 5k

After spending my first few running years plodding about happily oblivious to anything concerning pace, gait, recovery or Dri-fit and a few years after that fumbling about with marathons and half marathons, I can now say I’m really enjoying racing short and (relatively) fast. I’m definitely built more for the 5 and 10ks, I think. I do have some longer races coming up in the autumn but I think from now on I’m more of a short girl. It suits my stature :D2014-07-08 20.33.12

It totally and completely chucked it down the whole day which I thinking must have put a lot of people off running since the course is almost on top of the sea. The weather ended up working in my favour though as the speedy women not showing up meant I finished first. Although it was a small race of 65 I’m really quite proud of my first win, not just because it’s my first but because it happened to be in my home town where I grew up and along the promenade on which I cut my first slow, plodding, little running teeth. I was second female (out of almost 400) in the Zuidas Run in Amsterdam back in May but because the race had so many categories to award, only the winners were called to the podium, so this was also my first time being acknowledged and getting a prize.

2014-07-08 20.50.19

Some things I’m learning about 5ks:

  • I’m much better at short and fast than I am at long and steady.
  • There’s not really any way to approach 5ks strategically, you’ve just got to go out fast, stay fast, and finish fast. Although maybe I could do with starting out just a tiny bit more slowly.
  • There’s not a lot of point putting in the time to compile a perfect playlist. By the time I’m finished I really don’t even remember what the heck was going on with anything, never my mind being able to appreciate the Flosstradamus/Rihanna mashup getting busy in my ears.
  • Warm-up! I never do this but I’m finding that if I want to give it my all during shorter distances then I’ll be much more efficient if I’m warm before the gun goes off.
2014-07-08 20.49.30
I kind of really like where I live.
Fullscreen capture 12072014 164642.bmp
The course.
Fullscreen capture 12072014 164724.bmp
My splits for any of you who like numbers. I really need to work on this positive splitting thing…

I really liked this race a whole lot. It’s something a little different. Yet another evening race – I still have a lot to learn about evening run fueling but I’m coming round to the idea of later-in-the-day races. It was also dominated by club runners and I think I may have found myself a new running club out of it, so that’s good.

2014-07-08 20.30.54

You can read my official race report over at TrekandRun.com once it’s live I will post the link.

Will run for Wine. Obligatory and shameless posing with my prize...
Will run for Wine. Obligatory and shameless posing with my prize…

So my sketchy short term running goals:

  • I’m still after that elusive 42 minute 10k
  • To keep getting my 5k times down. I’m nowhere near PR-ing for the 3.1 anytime soon though
  • To PR for 10miles at the Great South Run in October

I have some work to do…..

2014-07-08 20.34.44


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