What I Ate Wednesday – and Why it was Good for Me

(The title of this makes me think of Supernanny bacon Kid – I’m sure you’ve all been acquainted with him by now?? If not, Youtube that little dude asap.)

Since I like to learn a lot about the nutritional benefits of food and how it fuels the body I thought I’d dedicate today’s WIAW post to explaining a little bit about why I eat the foods I do.

I’m really conscious of what it is I put into my body, firstly because I’m very active and I always have a fitness goal I’m working towards and I know that eating right is fundamental to a functional body. Training can only get you so far without proper nutrition. Secondly, as a result of learning how to properly fuel I’m now super aware of the nasty stuff lurking in processed and packaged food, and even food that seems to be clean is often full of additives, preservatives and added salt and sugar. It’s taken me a long time but now 90% of what I eat is clean, whole, real food. The other 10% is dedicated to treats because, yum.


I welcomed in this week’s hump day with an nice easy 5 miles along the beach. It. Was. Hot. When I got in I downed a pint of water and then cooked up a pile of pumpkin Paleo pancakes.

Not my most attractive stack but they refueled my running muscles like the best of them.
Not my most attractive stack but they refueled my running muscles like the best of them.

I’ve been eating a predominantly Paleo diet for just over a year now after suffering for years with digestive issues, skin problems and perpetual bloating and I love it. It’s just what works for me and most of my digestive stress and uncomfortable-ness has disappeared as a result. These pancakes have been my go-to recipe for most of the last year and are one of my proudest developments in the kitchen :D They began life as the ubiquitous 2-ingredient Paleo pancakes – just one banana and an egg blended together and cooked like your average pancake – and I pretty much just kept adding other elements to make them more satisfying and beneficial to eat post-workout. Now I make them with the usual egg and banana and also add sweet potato, pumpkin, a scoop of pea protein powder and spices, so they’re packed with protein to help my muscles recover and essential carbs to replenish glycogen stores post workout.
Today I also added cocao powder to half the mixture for extra antioxidants and deliciousness. I like to get my fruits mostly in berry form as they’re low in sugar and bursting with anti-inflammatories so I topped my stack with blueberries and also almonds and hazelnuts, cocao nibs, and a dollop of coconut oil. I always focus on getting enough essential fats into my day and as I didn’t have any avocado in the house this morning and extra helping of coconut oil did the trick.


Smoothie of the day was a giant green monster made with spinach, celery, cucumber, kiwi, cinnamon and parsley. Parsley is a super herb and is full of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid to support the heart and for a strong immune system, which is super important if you’re exercising hard and continuously subjecting your body to a beating. I feel deprived if I have to go without my smoothie.

wiaw5 Wiaw3

I finally tracked down a place outside London that stocks Pulsin’ bars and I am ridiculously excited about it, so snack time was brought to me by these guys. I favour these beauties over Quest bars as their protein is plant based and they don’t contain sucralose. They’re not totally grain-free as they have some rice protein but I’m not complaining, they’re pretty much as clean as you’re going to get when it comes to protein bars. As I’m mostly pescatarian and don’t eat grains or legumes or dairy I find getting enough protein to support muscle development tricky, so good quality protein bars are very special things for me :)


Tea is usually comprised of vegetables, some leafy greens, and a protein. A whole heap of spinach today because it’s awesome for digestion and a good source of protein. To really reap the benefits of spinach though it’s important to always consume it with a source of vitamin C, which I failed to do here. Sorry spinach.
Also making an appearance today: beetroot, mushrooms, aubergine, red pepper, and broccoli all cooked up in coconut oil. Stocked up on avocado because I can’t go a day without one. I rarely eat meat other than fish but today I enjoyed a little chicken breast.

And there you have my round up of food for this Wednesday and a bit of an idea of how I fuel my body, just in case you were interested :)

What did YOU eat this Wednesday? Do you follow any particular way of eating? What are your favourite recovery foods?


2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – and Why it was Good for Me

  1. I think those pancakes looks delicious! :P As for eating, I am a vegetarian, but not a strict one as I ate eggs and yogurt still. For recovery my favorite thing to eat is a smoothie made of almond milk, greek yogurt, and fresh or frozen fruit!

    1. You can’t beat a big smoothie after working out can you, I must say, I don’t half miss being able to add greek yogurt to mine! And I like how you’ve adapted vegetarianism to suit you, I think that’s so important. I say I’m Paleo because it most closely resembles the way I eat but really I just eat according to what works for me :)

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