What I Ate Wednesday – My Very First WIAW

For all of you out there who frequently find yourselves pondering what on earth Rachel over at the Endorphin Diaries eats on the regular, today is your lucky day! With it being Wednesday and all I thought I’d get involved with the Healthy Living Blog-ging institution that is What I Ate Wednesday and share with you everything I have filled my belly with on this hump day. You are welcome.


My morning vegetable smoothie is always up first. Today’s violently magenta concoction was made from beetroot, carrots, celery, cucumber, and cinnamon.


Next up was a coffee and my postworkout cocao protein ice cream. Even though today was a rest day this stuff still had to happen.


Romaine, cucumber, mushroom, yellow pepper, eggplant, tuna, olives, all cooked in coconut oil, and a boiled egg for lunch. With green tea.


Snacked on a half of this perfectly perfect avocado in the afternoon.


And squash pancakes for tea! I made cocao ones tonight topped with what I like to call ‘cookie dough’ but what is actually peanut butter mixed with coconut oil, almond flour, cocoa nibs, and protein powder. Goji berries on the side. I really love that every one of today’s meals was eaten in the garden.

I’m not sure if you can make any particular observations on my diet based on what I shoved into my gob today, but I’m planning on writing a post on how I eat very soon.

What was the best thing YOU ate today? Do you eat the same on rest days as you do on training days?


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