Review: Body Pump Release 90

I love Body Pump.

It’s my most favourite workout for many reasons and much to my utter delight I was lucky enough to get to attend the Les Mills One Event at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam a few Saturdays ago. A whole day full of my most favourite form of exercise is my idea of a good time. To my dismay, though, it fell on the same day as We Own the Night, so being a smart and sensible runner I forwent actually taking part in the classes and resigned myself to sitting in the stands and watching the workouts instead of joining in. Yes, that was just a tiny bit painful; there was much flexing of my self-restraint muscles to stop myself from jumping up and grapping a bar. Instead I took photos and formed a non-endorphin influenced review of the new Body Pump release – number 90.


Here’s my run down on the latest release. Just a reminder – I am not an instructor; this is my opinion as a humble but regular class participant! If you’re not familiar with Body Pump classes this might be a bit lost on you, but I will do a post on the general premise of BP very soon :)

Body Pump Release 90

Phwoarrr, check out all those sexy barbells

Warm-up You Make Me, Avicii

Anything by Avicii is obviously going to go down well, but, the warm up is the warm up, I don’t think you can really go wrong.

SquatsWhat Now, Rihanna

With squats being perhaps the biggest calorie-burning track in the workout, I expect to be challenged. I suppose this does the job, It’s no Antidote that’s for sure.

ChestConquistador, Thirty Seconds to Mars


BackPromises, Nero

Great song. I like the plate presses I guess, but for back? I’m not convinced the back track is the right place for them, or even BP at all. It’s more of a Grit move to me.

TricepsWalk of Shame, Pink

Oh how Les Mills loves a bit of Pink, and this is the typical cutesy, fun-time tricep song. I do not love Pink. I also do not love extensions and presses and this release sees the return of those for the majority of the track with just a few dips thrown in. Nowhere near the most effective tri track.

BicepsMiss Jackson, Panic at the Disco feat. Lolo

There’s not a lot you can do to vary the biceps track but this one is a bit more interesting than some others and Les Mills advises to go lower than your usual weight for this one as it has a lot of half lifts. I usually use 5kg for bis but have gone down to 3kg for this release and get a good burn.

LungesStay the Night, Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

Fine. I’m waiting for another plyometrics routine for lunges though!

ShouldersThumbs Up (for Rock ‘n’ Roll) Kill the Noise Remix, Kill the Noise and Feed Me

The song is a little obscure for mainstream group exercise IMO but it is nice and upbeat and I do enjoy some ee-lek-tronick. The shoulders track is usually my favourite but this is nothing special, and I’m sorry but what is the ‘as-many-pushups-in-10-seconds-as-you-can’ malarkey? Does everything have to be Crossfit now (oh wait…hasn’t Les Mills just partnered with Reebok? *cough*)?

CoreSomething I Need, One Republic

Horrible song, I need something more motivating than this to keep me in plank at the end of class.

Cool-downNickleback, How You Remind Me

I’m usually too done and exhausted by the time cool-own comes around that I honestly am no longer paying attention to the music or routine. Anything, just. Let. Me. Lie. Down.

Body Pump en masse is the right way to start a Saturday

Overall a distinctly unmemorable release. I’m not overly impressed, and we were really due a good one after 89. My regular instructor actually skipped teaching release 89 altogether but I think she may be tempted to use it now instead of 90. The last time I really enjoyed a full release was 85. Oh those were the days.


So yes, not the best release by any means but I’m hoping that, like 89, it’ll be a grower.

In my opinion, Les Mills is verging on getting a little big for its boots and is beginning to lose its identity a little — it really needs to sort it out before people start to move on to new group classes, but, I still love it. If you’ve not tried a Les Mills Pump class yet, I really recommend giving it a go.

Has anyone else tried release 90 yet? What do you think of it?


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