Pitter Patta

So it’s been a while in the making but I’m finally getting down to this blogging lark, and as it happens, my procrastination has meant that this first post is well and truly fueled by endorphins, as last Saturday I made it onto the Patta women’s running team to run the Amsterdam edition of We Own the Night on June 7th.

I first came across the Pattas when they took over the Nike Run Club one Wednesday last summer. I’d turned up expecting the usual steady-state fun run and instead had a ridiculously difficult training session of sprint intervals thrust upon me. And I loved it. And now, despite clearly not being cool enough, somehow I get to run with them.

The team belongs to the legendary Bridge the Gap (< Watch this and see if it doesn’t make you want to go straight out on a pavement-pounding, fist-pumping run) group of running crews united by Nike, which includes London’s Run Dem Crew. They make running about more than just running.

Saturday we ran a 10k time trial around the Amsterdamse Bos, I finished in about 45mins which qualified me to join the team. My goal for June 7th is 42mins; I think training with the Pattas will get me there, these guys don’t mess about.

There I am in the purple shorts, I’m really happy this photo was taken from behind so you can’t see the strain on my face as I try to keep pace with Jermain. Sunset running is my favourite. Source.

So, here we have it, my very first steps with the Patta runners and my first entry into this digital documentation of my forays into all things health and fitness. Next up: More running, more training, more endorphin-inducing activities. It’s gon’ be fun.


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